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First Visit

Many factors combine to influence an individual's level of health.  As a result, your first visit is primarily dedicated to gathering information that will help us determine the nature of your problem, and the best course of treatment.
Upon your arrival at DiPetta Chiropractic, you will be asked to fill out a new patient questionnaire.  This is designed to give the doctor some basic information about your condition and how it is affecting you.

Case History:
Choices and/or events that have occured in your past determine your current level of health.  Common influences on your health include habits, stresses, injuries, activity levels, and nutritional choices.

Since no two patients present with the exact same experiences, a thorough case study is obtained by Dr. DiPetta to cover important events of your past as they relate to your current level of health.  Once the case history is complete, the information is used to determine what types of evaluation procedures would best direct us to finding the cause of your condition.

A thorough examination is an important part of your first visit to our office.  Dr. DiPetta will check your posture, your ability to bend and move, test muscle strength and reflexes, and perform other chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurological testing specific to your condition.  The examination is designed to help the doctor locate the cause of your problem and rule out more serious underlying conditions that may be affecting you.

If it is determined that your condition is likely to respond to chiropractic treatment, we will make preliminary recommendations for care.  The patient will be informed of the prospective treatment plan including expected goals of the treatment provided.  In many cases chiropractic care will begin the healing process of acute or chronic injury, however patient participation in at-home exercises, stretching, and postural correction as introduced by the doctor will assist the process of healing.

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